Oil Lamp Antique

Shade (1/4)

  • Antique Art Nouveau Vaseline Glass Tulip Oil Lamp Shade
  • Antique Victorian Hanging Oil Lamp With Matching Painted Floral Font & Shade
  • Restored Antique Copper & Brass Hanging Oil Lamp Hand Painted Floral Glass Shade
  • Antique Young's Duplex Oil Lamp Green Opaline Glass With Acid Etched Shade
  • Antique Ornate 19thc. Bronze Signed Cornelius Astral Lamp With Engraved Shade
  • Antique 14 Opalescent Blue Coin Spot Kerosene Oil Hanging Lamp Dome Shade Optic
  • Antique Brass Bronze Astral Lamp Electrified Antique Sandwich Glass Shade
  • Veritas Centre Draught Oil Lamp, Embossed Brass Base & Font, Cranberry Shade
  • Antique Victorian Hanging Oil Lamp Chandelier Glass Shade Prisms
  • Superb 19th C Yellow Etched Glass Tulip Shape Duplex Oil Lamp Shade 4 Fitter